Student Affairs Division

  • Office Hours: Saturday-Wednesday: 9.00am-5.00pm Thursday- :9.00am-01.00pm
  • Telephone No: +880-31-610085, 610308, 638657, 638656, 625230, 639981, 625561, 617347, 2866371, 2866372, 2866373
  • Extension: 110, 225,125
  • Web mail:
  • Fax: (880-31) 610307
In order to help our students to perceive their potentialities, International Islamic University Chittagong established the Student Affairs Division (STAD). The role and functions of the Student Affairs Division are:
  • To organize and conduct students programs
  • To provide training and instructions to our students
  • To explore the potentialities of the students
  • To recommend and approve programs and
  • To coordinate, advise and monitor programs.
STAD assists in the students’ personal and professional development in accordance with the University’s philosophy and objectives. One of the emphases of STAD is to produce intellectuals and professionals with values of Taqwa and Adab. STAD aims at attaining and developing the following outlooks and characteristics:
  • 1) Faith, Knowledge and Practice:
    • a. Khalifatullah (Vicegerent of Allah)
    • b. Al Ibadah
    • c. Enjoining good deeds and avoiding evil-doings
    • d. Wisdom
    • e. Trustworthiness
    • f. About Culture
  • 2) Ukhuwah (Brotherhood) and Ummatic Spirit:
    • a. Mutual love and respect
    • b. Mutual understanding and tolerance
    • c. Practice of Shura (counseling)
    • d. Universalism
    • e. Harmonization with nature
  • 3) Creativity, innovation:
    • a. Critical, rational and strategic mind
    • b. Providence and optimism
    • c. Aestheticism
    • d. Encouragement of students’ active participation in co-curricular activities.
  • 4) Skill:
    • a. Academic excellence
    • b. Communicative skill
    • c. Dexterity
    • d. Competence.
  • 5) Discipline:
    • a. Time management
    • b. Dedication
    • c. Efficiency and effectiveness
    • d. Self restraint from don’ts
    • e. Development of well mannered and integrated individual
  • 6) Leadership:
    • a. Clear mission & vision of Da’wah
    • b. Orientation with movement
    • c. Gradual Development of active students who will become future leaders
  • 7) Promotion of the philosophy and objectives of IIUC:
    • a. Knowledge about and understanding of the University’s history
    • b. Islamization and integration of knowledge
    • c. Commitment to life-long education

Unit wise STAD Program
  • Leadership Training Unit
  • Student Activities Unit
  • Sports and Recreation Unit
  • Public Speaking and Cultural Unit
  • Hostel Unit
  • Student Service Unit
  • Counseling and Career Guidance Unit
  • Special Unit
  • Disciplinary Unit

List of Employees of STAD

SL Name Designation Contact Email
1 Mr. A. Z. M Obaidullah Director Phone: IIUC PABX- Extn: 391 Cell No: 01711-372903
2 Mr. Chowdhury Golam Mawla Additional Director Phone: IIUC PABX- Extn: 318 Cell No: 01195-001482 Fax: 880-31-610307
3 Mr. Abdus Salim Assistant Director (Sports) Cell No: 01818-843815
4 Mr. Riaz Uddin Ahmed Assistant Director Phone: IIUC PABX- Cell No: 01818-253195,,
5 Mrs. Nargis Begum Assistant Director Phone: IIUC PABX- Cell No: 01754-959739